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About Sarah Jones

One of the just a handful of performers in Australia with this unique skill Sarah Jones amazes audiences with this old vaudeville artform. Her fresh, fast paced and funny shows can be seen everywhere from cruise ships, corporate events, comedy clubs and of course schools!


With over a decade experience working with children, a current working with

children check and comphrensive performer's liabilty insurance you know

you're in safe hands with Sarah Jones. 



“The best introduction to modern ventriloquism one could hope to see.”

The Punch


“Her characters are great, as is she, and you will leave the venue

 smiling. I could not stop laughing.” Arts Hub


About the Puppets

Did you ever wish your toys could talk to you? With the magic of ventriloquism Sarah's cuddly puppet friends to life. Sarah's puppets are the soft muppet type whose sweet, silly and gentle approach puts even the most shy children at ease.


These puppets are the real stars of the show and your audience will be delighted as to see them perform magic tricks, sing songs, draw pictures and show off all sorts of ridiculous talents. 


"I've never met a talking Lady Bug before." - James (Aged 6)




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